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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Konrad, Richard, & my HOLY TRINITY to follow...(are you reading this RIGHT NOW?)

We a team? I'll reveal my three at three pre-determined dates. It's the RULE OF THREE. Haven't heard of it? Google Steve Jobs. (Have my father to thank for this).

Neo, Morpheus and Trinity. The Bible storyline? Speak, bitches! :-P

Inspired by Tata, for real! :-D

I was SAVED last night...^5!

WHENEEEver you're ready to know, ASK ME IN PERSON. 0824182652.

This isn't for everyone, and you'll know when the time is right. Sounds HEAVILY cliched and I wouldn't have listened to myself a while ago. THANKFULLY, I was READY. I am over-the-moon-style celebrating. In a GREAT way. :-) 

Friday, 19 September 2014

One of my fathers...

This man is perhaps the finest human being to have walked this planet since I was born. Obviously. Blah blah. Blah.

But to appreciate the pure logic in his thought, the BLINDING beauty of it...made me cry. This was one of the best weeks of my life, and both myself and Man Utd are making a brand new start. Step-by-step. Only fools skip a link in the chain. And horses. If you ever watch British comedy... :-)

Just watch if you've some time to kill on a Friday night. Or whenever. But it's one of those. It's not a cat video. It's not a kid. It's not sports. It's not any of that shit.

Not that those aren't important. videos...they're so...if you could overdose on "Meh." /shrug


Points if you have any idea who said that. :-)

Sunday, 14 September 2014

OMG What a weekend! Dear lord, that was beautiful...

Just a VERY short entry, but there's a reason behind that. This is mos TO HELP ME, and I believe IT WILL.

I don't think I need to say more about this: 

I might have been guilty of exaggeration in the past. I'm fairly sure I was. But fuckit, this was one of the most amazing weekends of my entire life. The conversations I had with my two primary shareholders, my parents...MUFC...Colin's birthday was so satisfying.

Of course, the big thing is what I feel I discovered about life.

/...let's my actions do the talking.../

"Let's make a new start...", Louis v. Gaal to Konrad Brandt. Not directly, but still. Be foolish to ignore it. :-)
^5!!!!!!! :-D

Sunday, 6 July 2014

A view from the other side...

This is something I wrote while I was still in hospital. Give it a quick scan, it's well-written. I still feel the same way now.
Something I realized last night while writing on it is that not many people have been through what I've been through. Basically, my whole life has been ripped from me. First the guy I was gonna spend the rest of my life with. That was bad enough. Then this accident happened. The only way to get out there and face people again is to get back up. Yeah I've been through at least three major incidents. Pity doesn't help. I know the rest of my life depends on me and I've got to work hard but that's usually hard enough for people who haven't been through what I have. I don't know what the future holds but I'd love to pass some of this message on somehow. If it helps even one person, that will mean the world to me.

So until next time, stop procrastinating and be glad to be alive! Keep well guys.

This has inspired me to do something different for a new list (there's always one more! SIGH! :-D). I will do a list now and again as long as they're still fun to both myself and anyone who possibly reads this.

It's an article I wrote as an exercise in hospital. It's about the Top 10 Places In SA To Visit. I might revise a little, might add comments and keep the actual article verbatim, might TOTALLY do a new list of it, who knows??! :-)

A tiny bit of feedback here? What should I do with it? Do it as I would render the list right now? Let me know. Or is there something else you're dying to hear? 

Or does my writing just annoy you (btw, just ALT-F4)? 

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

#1: The Office (U.K. - 2001)

This was simply the dog's bollocks.

Have I foreshadowed this enough with numerous mentions of Ricky Gervais as well as my second entry of this blog, ever? Here's what I said:
Guitar brought meaning to one of the most fantastic art-forms, music, and I make top 10 lists of guitarists and the various aspects of guitar up as I go along, driving or whatever, just to keep my brain entertained and occupied. What's the best T.V. series I've ever seen? I can tell you off-hand, because I've thought about it many times before. The Office (U.K.), by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

ASIDE: Just noticed, it's been a year already! Pretty cool. :-)

Rest assured, it wasn't intentional. Just a nice coincidence! :-P

The Office was a comedic series that absolutely challenged some of the perceptions of people you spend most of your life with - your coworkers.

A handful of things, before I get started with explaining why this is my personal Best Series Of All Time™.

  • The U.S. series is vaguely *alright*. It doesn't really hold a candle to the British The Office. I reckon this is largely due to many of my cultural influences coming from the U.K.. I simply enjoy British comedy more. They were the original masters of the language, and I feel like it really shows in stuff like this. Of course, maybe Ricky just KILLED IT as an actor and a co-writer of the U.K. one.
  • It seems to be par for the course for me, and Wynand always joked about it, I need to hate something before I can love it. He used to jokingly get seriously concerned whenever I mentioned something wasn't cool, because I inevitably ended up loving it. I didn't get the humour at first. It's not your usual brand of comedy.
  • I believe The Wire to be better, for the average person (I definitely at least try not to be "average" :-D). That doesn't change the fact that life's entire experience is incredibly subjective. I don't expect anyone to necessarily agree with me about The Office, but hopefully my opinion is well thought-out.

The Wire is almost a character and societal study. This is just a fictional story about a paper merchant's in Slough, the arm-pit of England. But it's damn funny! :-)

Maybe The Wire should be above this, but maybe this is my way of saying, "This was particularly perfect."

So the background to enjoy it? Be a lover of British culture, mannerisms etc. Be able to picture working in an office, the clearer the better. Be a fan of language, diction and how it's expressiveness can hit you RIGHT THERE. /thumps chest/

Lastly, be able to appreciate and relate to the characters.

I want to spotlight 4 characters.
  1. Dawn Tinsley - played by Lucy Davis
  2. Gareth Keenan - played by Mackenzie Crook
  3. Tim Canterbury - played by Martin Freeman
  4. David Brent - played by Ricky Gervais

Dawn Tinsley

Secretary to the boss, object of his interests at times, trying to see about a relationship with Tim (Martin), she played her role terribly well. For her part, she did what she could to convince the audience wholly and carry her character as well as the series throughout.

Tim Canterbury

Every work of visual entertainment needs something for the audience to latch on to and connect with. Usually that's a "protagonist." :-P

Tim was that protagonist. I felt that way kinda. He was the working man's hero, he was a normal bloke in a circus of mad chimpanzees. :-D

Gareth Keenan

Creepy, but kinda creepy-COOL. I've seen Mackenzie Crook in Pirates of the Caribbean. He was smooth in his minor role. In The Office, he's like that socially-awkward geek we all know at least one of. I've met many in my time, try my very best NOT to be one, and he's interesting enough in The Office  as Gareth, to spark my attention every time he's on the screen. Superb.

David Brent

What can you say about the David Brent character?

Check just one example of his awkwardness in this hilarious clip: 

Now that I've hopefully sparked your interest, look at the next short vid. Some might know the story leading up to this, and might have had the hilarious bouts of laughter I experienced. :-D

A little background: A while before, David angrily claims that he can't do Neil's report because "It's Red Nose it yourself, I've got to save some Africans!!" How delusional. :-D

This series is what first turned me on to Ricky as a comedian, actor and indirectly, a D.J and XFM/Stephen Merchant/Karl Pilkington. It was the launching pad for so many careers, Mackenzie, Martin, Lucy, Ricky, Stephen, the list goes on and on. Ricky and his cohorts have entertained me for countless hours since. It's not everyone's brand of humour, I suppose, but I'm thrilled that I have the requisite background to enjoy his mind, along with Stephen's.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this was the first time a pseudo-documentary style was used for a comedy series...? It was a very cool way to execute the shots. You see cameramen ducking behind office equipment, walls and windows, etc. You see awkward zooms 'n' stuff, it's just very faithfully recreated. Excellent camerawork. 

At the end of the day, The Wire does a brilliant depiction of real life, but at times, we turn to entertainment to rid ourselves of such mundane concerns. :-P

As a comedy that made me laugh throughout, it transported me to a land of fantasy. I figure I really started to enjoy it after I realized despite the intense awkwardness, it was still fundamentally a comedy. IT'S NOT SERIOUS.

Cringe-worthy but bloody funny!

The awkwardness and realism combine to make it the most hilarious T.V. series ever!


Honourable Mention: Game of Thrones (2011). Never before have I felt a work of literary fiction to have been so expertly adapted to the screen. In years to come, it just might be on this list.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

#2: The Wire (2002) - COMPLETE!

Not only #2, but I also want to celebrate my 50th blog entry today (of this blog, semi-recently I wrote on!

I'm pretty pleased that my writing seems to be coming along. At the very least, I FEEL that I'm absorbing a MAGNITUDE of knowledge in socialising with people and talking to them.

Recently I met the Erban Cheff. It's pronounced like a real Jamaican "er'bin", but is obviously a double meaning for "urban." Lemme just say, this guy is fuckin' cool and raps like a BAWSS!!! His freestylin' in my study was like Biggie coming to my house for a private show. It was INSANE! He also shares my attitude about AFRICA, and chills/jams/parties with just about anyone.

I experiment A LOT. Holding that in mind, I wanna try write a little bit more, maybe throughout the day. Hey, I write whenever I feel the need to shed the stuff on my mind. Fortunately, thoughts are really flowing at the current time. I think positivity very directly leads to creativity and logical analysis. 

I have a *sufficient* amount of ideas filling my skull. Just kidding, you can never know enough. :-)

So, I'm sure you're aware, but let's summarize:
#2. The Wire (2002)
#3. Firefly (2002)
#4. Black Books (2000)
#5. Arrested Development (2003)

#2. The Wire (2002)

The reason why this was incredible is three-fold, most significantly.
  1. It hit me hard at a time in my life where I was forming my identity RE: social issues.
  2. It contained MONUMENTAL acting performances by pretty-much ALL involved. This made it feel REAL.
  3. It captures the divide between people better than perhaps any series could.

If you haven't watched the show yet, well why not??

I'll just list some of the CRAZY COOL CHARACTERS:
Jimmy McNulty 
D'Angelo Barksdale 
Cedric Daniels 
Stringer Bell 
Avon Barksdale 
Kima Greggs
Bunk Moreland 
"Proposition" Joe
Lester Freamon 
Frank Sobotka
Omar Little 
Tommy Carcetti 
Marlo Stanfield
Clay Davis
Jay Landsman 

That's but a tiny sampling of them. That's not even including any gun-toting kids! You should realize by now that I adore gun-toting kids in visual entertainment. Remember Lil' Dice?


I've decided to do something a bit different for this entry. The reason for doing so involves my near complete inability to communicate to another human exactly how cool the series was. In short, I'm throwing my hands in the air here.

I'm deferring to you.

Please share your fondest The Wire memory/character with me?

Tell me who YOUR richest and most beloved character is. Can you?? Try. Here, knock yourselves out:

Omar gets the award for standing out in the whole world of fictional bad-asses as one of the single coolest characters. Everyone I've spoken to about this, loves Omar. He's not my personal favourite tho, that goes to a person I can relate to a little more.


  1. Jimmy McNulty
  2. Bunk Moreland
  3. Lester Freamon
  4. Stringer Bell
  5. Avon Barksdale
  6. D'Angelo Barksdale
  7. Tommy Carcetti

If I had to choose one (tough as nails): 2. Bunk Moreland, the detective who's Jimmy McNulty's long-time partner. 'Not in THAT way! He's not gay...' :-) /Ricky Gervais reference/

He simply made me laugh more than any other character. His jovial attitude was a helluva thing.
I never felt that he needed to be recognized as a good, plain-decent guy.

I imagine an American newscaster blaring on the radio...
"...Today, Detective William 'The Bunk' Moreland was cast in the limelight during the rescue of 5 hostages, when he..."
---> BUNK (HIMSELF!) BURSTS into the local Grafters'-style bar ---
"LIMELIGHT, huh? I don't need no steenkin' limelight, yo!", Bunk delivers in his bass-y "gooood shit"-voice.

"Now let's get down to bizness," he utters, placing his cap and keys on the bar counter as he does so.
What can I say?! The niggah's all business!

The so-called War On Drugs was captivating. I think the scene (pictured on my blog) where McNulty and Kima, in their beat-up police-best jalopy, are driving past Stringer and his crew in their BITCH-ASS pimpin' GM 4x4, is utterly poignant. 

The manner in which Stringer Bell handles da "paper", wow. Bunk ain't as business as him. He's nearly inspirational. Here's a quick little image I made just 'cause he's a cold, calculating and cool niggah. This is from when he's driving the boss, Avon, around and sees "die pote".

It captures the divide between people better than perhaps any series could.